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What is Xtributor?

Xtributor is the ultimate subscription billing and marketplace management platform for cloud resellers and SaaS independent software vendors (ISVs).

It enables seamless automation of billing and provisioning of cloud services and B2B SaaS applications. Xtributor holds the potential to tackle the biggest challenges related to management of complicated subscription & billing terms.

About Xtributor
Xtributor for Cloud Resellers


Xtributor for Cloud Resellers

The foundation for developing Xtributor for cloud resellers was laid for a big reason. While there are a good number of subscription & billing automation platforms in the market for cloud service distributors, it is not the same for cloud resellers.

Resellers are still managing the subscription, billing, and provisioning of cloud solutions manually. They face numerous challenges in managing and onboarding new customers, which eventually has become a big roadblock to their growth.

That's where the role of Xtributor comes into play. It is the industry's first subscription management software for cloud resellers.

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Xtributor for B2B SaaS Vendors

Simplify customer experience, increase profits, reduce marketing budget, save time & resources, get rid of billing complexity, make data-driven smart decisions, and centralize the management of SaaS memberships.

Xtributor helps SaaS vendors to bill customers at custom pricing, automate billing & provisioning of software & apps, and manage all aspects of business from a unified interface.

It has all the essential and advanced features & functionalities required to become a high-growth ISV.

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Xtributor for B2B SaaS Vendors
A Platform Meant for Hypergrowth

A Platform Meant for Hypergrowth

Let's overcome billing complexities & operational challenges, and skyrocket your business with Xtributor.

  • Subscription billing automation

  • Automated provisioning

  • Support ticket management

  • Product & pricing management

  • Real-time analytics

  • Sales management

  • Read-to-go marketplace

  • Smart dashboard

And much...much more


A Big Shout-Out to Our Team

We are company founders, business builders and experts in technology, finance, regulation, law, and marketing who share a commitment to supporting modern companies and their investors.

Rajeev Vij

Founder & CEO

Previously : Director Hosting & Cloud Microsoft

CEO - Global Outlook Inc.

SAP - Business ByDesign (SG & IN) (SG & IN)

Saranjit Singh

Co-Founder & CTO

Previously : CEO - SIE Services

Principal Advisor - PMO, T&T

Technology Integration Lead HDFC

Teach M&A Lead - Centurion, BOP

Ashok Kumar


Previously : CEO TripMidas; Country Head - Kryptos Networks

Harish Patel

VP - Product Engineering

Previously : GM Product Engg. - Racknap/ ZNetLive

Cloud Solutions Architect (MS Azure, AWS, Alibaba, IBM), data center, web hosting & cloud automation.

Vijay Prakash Singh

VP - Infrastructure and Operations

Previously : Operations Head - KTS

Project Manager - SIE Services

Head IT Infrastructure - RKS Learning Pvt Ltd

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