First-Ever Cloud Subscription Billing Software for Resellers

Industry's First Subscription Billing Software For Microsoft Cloud Resellers

Xtributor, a top-notch cloud subscription management software, is built to address the challenges of Microsoft CSPs. It easily connects APIs from multiple distributors, fetches the products with pricebooks directly to your own marketplace, and automates the instant provisioning & billing of cloud services to customers.

cloud subscription billing management software

Features Of Our Cloud Subscription Management Platform

Impactful capabilities to save time, streamline processes, and tackle even the complicated billing terms. No lengthy spreadsheets or missed payments. As a Microsoft CSP reseller, you need all these features for effective cloud billing automation.

Connect APIs of multiple Microsoft distributors of your preference and enable Azure billing automation, Office 365 automation, and the same for more cloud solutions.

An intuitive and user-friendly marketplace where you can fetch products directly from the connected distributors. Sell with complete cloud billing & subscription automation.

Easily create new categories and add the products/services to relevant ones. You can modify categories whenever required, as well as create new categories of your preference.

Want to promote your services with campaigns and offers? Xtributor's cloud billing software for Microsoft CSP allows you to do that quickly for specific products.

Once a customer places the order, Xtributor will automate its provisioning from distributor to the customer. Automation like never before for Microsoft payment and billing.

You don't need to have a dedicated staff for managing bills and spreadsheets. Our cloud billing automation software for Microsoft CSP resellers handles it the smart way.

Xtributor comes integrated with multiple payment gateways, allowing you to sell cloud services around the world with extensive Azure billing automation, and for other solutions.

Xtributor helps you manage new leads, potential clients, fresh sales, and renewals. For resellers looking for Microsoft cloud billing automation software, it's icing on the cake.

Respond to your customer queries faster, reduce ticket backlogs, get insights, and provide a great customer experience. This is essential to accelerate your cloud business growth.

You can modify or change the pricing of specific Microsoft cloud services to earn more margin or reduce pricing during offers. Resell Office 365, Azure, OneDrive, etc., with these features.

Get complete & high-level administrative control over the customer accounts, subscriptions, billing, etc. This makes Xtributor the best cloud subscription management software.

A unified and smart dashboard for centralized management of Microsoft cloud services, customers, sales, tickets, and everything else that matters for your growth.


Why Adopt Xtributor For Your Cloud Business?

Xtributor is a robust cloud billing platform solely built to transform the way resellers offer services to customers. Designed and developed by cloud veterans, it is the preferred choice of the fastest-growing Microsoft CSP resellers.


Launch Your Own Cloud Marketplace With A Few Clicks


Connect Distributors

Integrate APIs of your preferred distributors


Store Setup

Fetch products/services, customize information, pricing, and other elements.


Launch Marketplace

Launch a user-friendly marketplace for your customers.


Delightful Marketplace Features For Increased Cloud Sales

The cloud marketplace offered by Xtributor is SEO-friendly and comes with advanced features. It helps you accelerate sales while enabling subscription and billing automation for Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365, and many more solutions.

Shopping cart

Email Templates

Product Management

Custom Pricing

Notification Scheduler

Value Sell Bundle Designer

User & Role Management

Multiple Categories


Meet The Expectations Of Modern Customers

Xtributor has been designed keeping in mind the expectations and demands of today's customers.


Resell Microsoft Cloud Services With Billing Automation Platform

Xtributor helps you resell all the Microsoft cloud solutions with complete billing and subscription automation. It is time to supercharge your business as a reseller by getting over the growth hurdles.

Dynamics 365 Billing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings together enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), as well as productivity tools. Enable Dynamics 365 billing automation with Xtributor's powerful cloud subscription management platform built by industry veterans.

Azure Billing

Microsoft Azure is the fastest-growing cloud solution all over the globe. It is a highly in-demand service. With Xtributor adoption, you can onboard more Azure customers, provision the services instantly, create invoices automatically, and manage the complete Azure billing and subscription automation.

Office 365 Billing

Office 365 has become the preferred productivity and collaboration tool today for businesses of all sizes. Cater to your potential customers with simplified billing and subscription management. With Office 365 billing automation, you will save time, costs, and get rid of numerous operational challenges.

Get Rid Of Operational Challenges And Become A Successful Microsoft Reseller!

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Microsoft Cloud Billing Software FAQs

Currently, Xtributor is integrated with PayPal and Stripe for online payments. It also allows you to accept payment through bank account details.

Yes. We offer a free trial for 14 days. However, currently, it is available as part of an invite-only program.

Microsoft CSP is the cloud solution provider program by Microsoft that allows partners to develop a business of their own. The partners can distribute and resell Azure, Microsoft 365, Office 365, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, Azure Stack, Microsoft Kaizala, and the full breadth of portfolio.
As a CSP, you need to manage the lifecycle of the customers, from provisioning and management to billing and support.

Microsoft cloud subscription and billing management means that you need to manage the lifecycle of customers who buy Microsoft cloud solutions from you. It includes provisioning the services and onboarding customers, offering trials, handling upgrades and downgrades, creating invoices, managing billing and subscription, providing customer support, etc.
For effective management, you must adopt the best subscription billing management software that can automate all these processes and help you grow the business.

  • Streamline business operations: Automate manual tasks of provisioning, managing spreadsheets, taxation, billing terms, etc.
  • Increase sales and revenue: Options and features to bundle up various cloud solutions, customize pricing, up-sell/cross-sell, and more.
  • Better customer experience: Self-service panel for your customers for an improved experience. Features for customers to raise queries and tickets, and panel for you to respond faster.
  • Centralized management: Xtributor brings together all the critical aspects of your Microsoft CSP reseller business, including leads, sales, support, marketing, promotions, and marketplace.
  • Cloud billing automation: You can customize the pricing for all products and for individual customers without facing complexity in billing.

You can resell cloud services from the popular Microsoft distributors, including Crayon, SoftwareONE, and Ingram Micro.

Once you have successfully registered, the setup process is a matter of only five minutes. Even if you have numerous products to sell and distributors to connect with, everything can be done within minutes. Xtributor is a ready-to-sell subscription management platform for cloud resellers.

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