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Best SaaS Subscription Management & Billing Software

Xtributor is the most reliable & robust cloud SaaS billing software for ISVs (independent software vendors) to bill customers at custom pricing, automate billing & provisioning, and seamlessly manage all transactions.

Adopt the B2B SaaS subscription management platform today to eliminate your operational challenges, reduce customer churn, get consistent revenue, and boost sales.

saas subscription management software for isvs


B2B SaaS Products Bundling to Drive Revenue

Benefits of Bundle Pricing With Best SaaS Billing Software

"Businesses that sell multi-products experience accelerated growth and find it easier to reach $100 million, as compared to single-product businesses." - Profitwell Report

Xtributor allows you to sell your software or applications by bundling up with other solutions. For instance, you can sell your SaaS app with Azure at customized pricing & discounts. It's great for upselling/cross-selling and boosting revenue. The innovative SaaS subscription billing software platform will automate the subscription and billing for the bundled products.

Benefits of Bundle Pricing With Best SaaS Billing Software

Increase Average Order Value (AOV) while Decreasing Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)


Why Adopt Xtributor SaaS Subscription Management Software


Innovative Features of Xtributor SaaS Subscription Billing Software

A user-friendly & attractive storefront with proper catalog management and categories to entice your customers.

SaaS billing platform automates the billing for your software and apps, creates invoices with taxation rules, and sends them to customers.

Dedicated support panel for your customers where they can put up their queries and submit tickets.

For all SaaS billing models, you get the total freedom to modify the pricing for specific products, update descriptions, set discounts, etc.

With our SaaS subscription management software, easily manage new leads, fresh sales, pricing, margins, etc.

Find real-time graphical insights and visibility into leads, customers, revenue, commissions, subscriptions.

Xtributor comes with a variety of email templates for different purposes to communicate with your customers.

Xtributor's SaaS billing engine is integrated with all the essential tools you need to accept payments, taxation, accounting, and more.


Integrations Available With Our SaaS Subscription Billing Software

Xtributor SaaS subscription management software comes integrated with almost every essential integration that you need to run your business successfully. We ensure that you and your customers never get stuck at any point.





Explore All The Features And Functionalities Of Xtributor Billing And Subscription Management Platform For SaaS ISVs.

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SaaS Billing Automation FAQs

In Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business, there are solutions that can complement each other and meet client needs. By creating bundles of the right solutions, you can sell multiple products to a single customer, even if they are on your platform to purchase only one solution.

SaaS product bundling is one of the best ways to create innovative offerings and sell them to customers for increased revenue. It has several other benefits, like reduced customer churn, profitability, providing value to customers, addressing multiple needs, etc. Xtributor's robust cloud SaaS billing software for B2B helps you do that in a smart manner.

Here are a few top best practices for SaaS billing and subscription management:

  • Simplify the complex billing terms and processes with a B2B SaaS automation system
  • Set the pricing logically
  • Bundle up your software or app with relevant cloud/SaaS products
  • Improve customer experience with a self-service portal
  • Make the most out of data
  • Reduce customer churn and avoid revenue leakage

Most of these best practices and tips can be brought into action using a SaaS subscription and billing automation platform.

Currently, Xtributor is integrated with PayPal and Stripe for online payments. It also allows you to accept payment through bank account details.

In a Software as a Service (SaaS) business, you need to manage the subscriptions of customers, their plans, payments, billing terms, usage, etc. Using a premium or free SaaS billing solution, you can unify the management of all these aspects while enabling complete automation. Xtributor is one such platform that helps you achieve that.

One of the most effortless ways to simplify your SaaS subscription management is to adopt a trusted and robust billing engine or a tool like Xtributor. It automates the provisioning of your solutions to customers, manages their billing cycles automatically, offers them self-service options, which eventually simplifies your business and helps you grow faster in the market.

Xtributor. The reason we call it the best cloud SaaS billing software is that it takes care of all aspects of your software and cloud business. You can not only automate provisioning and billing, but also utilize several handy features essential for fast growth. Following are some primary features of Xtributor for SaaS ISVs:

  • Intuitive Storefront
  • Subscription Billing
  • Customer Support
  • Product & Pricing Management
  • Sales Management
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Communication Templates
  • Essential Integrations

Xtributor is counted among the best Chargebee alternatives because of the benefits it offers to the independent software vendors (ISVs). As a leading SaaS billing management system, it has numerous benefits:

  • Become a high-growth SaaS business
  • Save your time and resources
  • Optimize operational costs
  • Improve customer experience
  • Put an end to subscription billing complexities
  • Make data-driven decisions

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